Berlinesa de nacimiento, estudió arquitectura en Stuttgart y desde entonces colaboró con Frei Otto. Debido a esta gran influencia de F. Otto, es una arquitecta que aboga por esa ligereza en las estructruras, siempre sencillas.
La conferencia está dentro del ciclo del IAAC de primavera, que ya comenté hace un tiempo. 
La conferencia será el 23 de Mayo en el IAAC a las 19.30pm-21.00pm. 
Born in Berlin, she studied architecture in Stuttgart and since then, she has worked with Frei Otto. Due to this great influence from F. Otto, she is an architect who believes in the lightness of the always simple structures.
The lecture will take place within the series brought to us thanks to IAAC this spring, which I already talked about.
The event will be the 23rd of May in IAAC at 7.30pm-9.00pm.

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