Jean-Louis Cohen
Tomorrow past the IIT Architectural College is hostin the lecture of a very well known architectural historian, J-L. Cohen. He was born in 1949 in Paris (though he lives in NYC), just after the II World War, I guess that is why he is so into architecture designed during the war and the following years.
The event will be at 6pm in the Crown Hall by Mies van der Rohe and it is free for everyone to come. Sure a person who has this amazing knowledge about modern and contemporary architectura will give an interesting lecture. 
For those interested, here is the list of the book he has written:
1. Les Milles et Une Villes de casablanca (French Edition) [2003]
2. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe [2007]
3. Frank Gehry, Architect [2001]
4. Vers Une Architecture, Le Corbusier [2008]
5. Le Corbusier, 1887-1965: The Lyricism of Architecture in the Machine Age (Taschen Basic Architecture) [2005]
6. Between Earth and Heaven: The Architecture of John Lautner [2008]
7. Architecte in Uniform: Designing and building for the Second World War (Editions Hazan) [2011]

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