It is always a pleasure to see people with so much knowledge in their head. A confident but at the same time easy-going person is not easy to find, I could count with my fingers of one hand how many people like this I have encountered in my short life. I could feel I have a long way to go as well as amused by his lecture. Never before I had heard about the architects during the war besides Albert Speer (Hitler’s personal architect). Name like for example Giuseppe Pagano (editor of Casabella) or Bethold Lubetkin, known for his Penguin Pool at the London Zoo; among many other
However, I thought that what most interested him was the way war changed the perception of architecture, with new products being developed  such as fluorescent lighes, new skyscrapers structures and new airports; all thanks to the outrageous amount of research taken place during those horrible 6 years.
Other types of buildings that caused these changes were the factories, useful for weapons and tanks mass production (based in Chicago and Detroit here in the USA), that would inspire architects such as Le Corbusier or Frank Lloyd Wright as many others, in their urban planning, possible due to the mass bombings of cities.
But it was not just about construction changes the talked about. Social changes, of course, also started to arise. Thinking how to reuse military building when this tragic event was over, as well as recycling  from military airplanes factores and industry, to helmets and clothing. Everything had to be profitable for society.
Unfortunately it looks like if, once the danger was not there anymore, we forgot how hard women worked to keep their countries going, or even the idea of reusing old buildings for new purposes. But there always hope in bad moment, and this economic crisis we are going through had made us start thinking once more about all these matters.
Let’s hope we do not forget about all these things when the crisis is over.

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