Looking for inspiration for my own project, I run across with the new Center of Contemporary Art in Cordoba, Spain. Since then, I have become obsessed with it. The apparent simplicity of its exterior formal definition, a box, and the contrast of the interior dynamism gives the project its own identity, a quality I look for in my projects. 

This complexity is borrowed from the islamic culture that used to live in the Southern Spain, having as exceptional example La Alhambra and, moreover, Cordoba’s mosque. They sacrifice personal style over the context’s identity and, its materiality, concrete, and the outer regular form expresses nothing, and by this speechless condition, the polygonal shapes become even more important. 
Not only exist these polygons in a 3d shape in the roof, but also casted in the river-facing facade, allowing the light to come out at night and creating an elegant and attractive view of the building that allows us to perceive this islamic gesture from as strangers to the building.

However, the most compelling and complex part of this design is, in my opinion, the interior articulation of these different sized clusters that can, either stand by their own and be a single programatic piece, or combine and create a unique larger space, each of these different to one another. Main program has already been organized under some of these geometries such as the auditorium, the foyer, the exhibition space, the courtyard and the cafe. Still, despite this distribution, the building is understood as an isotropic element in which spaces can be connected to create a single exhibition area.  

For this design Nieto and Sobejano have been assisted by the artists Leopoldo Ferrán and Augustina Otero.  

pictures from Casabella


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