Made in Suisse

Mülimatt Sports Education and Training
Centre in Windisch, Brugg.
Studio Vacchini Architetti
If we did a survey asking where in the world could we find the best architecture, the feedbacks would be very diverse. There is not one correct answer. But, if we changed our question and, instead, asked what country builds better, the answer would be, clearly, Switzerland.
While in most countries, and I include Spain, we still think of concrete prefabricated structures as a bunch of pillars and floor plates put together, very limited. However, these swiss have surprised me again with the simple and compelling solution they proposed for this sports center.
Despite its conventional interior distribution due to the fact that the program for a center of this type is very bounded, the exterior composition it what I find the most interesting, the elegance of the logic of the outer structure. With only two different pieces, a standard vertical frame and a special one for the corners, the facade is created. This repetition creates a rhythmic dynamism adequate both the the typical swiss landscape and t the motion-based activity that takes place in the interior.
Could it get any better?
Images from Detail
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