It has never been easier to access projects information than it is nowadays. Pages like Desigboom,  Anchdaily, dezeen, and a long list of others webpages make our life easier as architect students looking for inspiration, or as architects catching up with the flashy architecture that is now being designed. Therefore it is not surprising to run into articles like “THE ARCHITECTURE AND MASS MEDIA” in SPACE magazine (201304)
Three articles complete these approach to the influence of massive communication towards non.architects. However, after reading the first one a deep feeling of incompleteness when, such an important topic of discussion is dealt as a science problem. 
Nonetheless, this Korean magazine allows us, Western-culture architects, the great influence that architects have in the lives of everyday workers that have little or nothing to do with the practice of architecture other, of course, than their constant interaction with it in all their activities. Architects advertising credit cards? Yes, we have a movie that was projected in theaters about Norman Foster, but that is as far as we go. Architects are still a distant figure, hardly accessible. And that is probable why they are starting to have series of articles published regularly in newspaper about architecture. 
But that is not the point I am trying to get at. Although what is happening in Korea with the slow introduction of architecture in everyday life may be a forecast of what may end up happening worldwide. Is this something positive for architecture? Is architecture changing, becoming more flashy and less self-centered to get more blogs in magazines,  webzines and personal blogs, (maybe like this one itself) of architecture? 
Action and reaction is what has lead us to be where we are right now, so architecture is changing, not only due to mass media, also to the development of new technologies that allow new designs. However, are architects going to use this influential massiveness of communication to spread the basic pure aims of architecture, or are they going to shift their aesthetics to something flashy and eye-catching? 
Both doors are open. We can either improve the discourse around architecture, or we can empty the theoretical content and base the designs and the crazy capabilities that programs such as Grasshopper allow us to develop. 
As it is being in many aspects related to our practice, as, for instance, the educational program in Spain, we are in a moment when we have to find ourselves, as a community. We are given the opportunity to redefine what we aim to be. What we aim the next generation of architects to pursue. 


ways of useful procrastination  

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