Le Corbusier

Photo Credit: Vincent Desjardins

Under this title anything could happen, Le Corbusier is too many things, but Caixaforum Barcelona is going to try to show us a little bit more about his works and life. I must admit I know nothing about this exhibition other that it will show all of Le Corbusier’s work, from Switzerland to the very end and that it has been curated by the great Jean-Louis Cohen, the same one we published about 6 months ago (you can read it here). It will open it’s door next January 29th, and little has been published yet.

However, what I do know and I’m excited to share with you, is the two different series of conferences that will be going on as additional activities to this exhibition. The first will be held on Wednesdays which will be: “Le Corbusier, an approach to a transformative work“with the following lectures:
Wednesday, February 12th 7.30p.m. Another Le Corbusier by Juan Calatrava Escobar
Wednesday, February 19th 7.30p.m. Ways of Living by M. Tereza Muñoz
Wednesday, March 5th 7.30p.m. Cities and Landscapes by Xavier Monteys
Wednesday, March 12th 7.30p.m. Measure and Listen: the MODULOR by Marta Llorente
Wednesday, March 19th 7.30p.m. Le Corbusier: Revolution can be stopped by Juan José Lahuerta
Wednesday, March 26th 7.30p.m. Round Table with Rafael de Cáceres, Antón Salvadó, Victoria Garriga and Ricard Gratacós.
The second series of lectures will talk about another topic which will be “Building, Living, Touch: the architecture and theory of Le Corbusier” and will have the following lectures:
Thursday, February 13th 11.30a.m. Build, imagining a new space from the technique revolution
Thursday, February 20th 11.30a.m. Living the house; Living the city. A new way of life.
Thursday, February 27th 11.30a.m. The challenge of thought: communicating and writing. A way of spirituality.
Thursday, March 6th 11.30a.m. Answering to time, answering a place.

All these lecture will be taken care by Marta Llorente, also a speaker in the other series of lectures. She is at professor of Theory of Architecture at my school, ETSAB.
Both these lectures are not free, you must pay. If you are lucky enough to be a client of “La Caixa” the foundation that owns this museum, you will enjoy a 50% off of you ticket fee (which is 4E).
Let’s hope we get more information about this opening soon.


  1. Unfortunately they won't. The speakers are Spanish, so they will perform their lectures in the mother language. However, if a lecture were to be in catalan, I've been told that they'd provide a live translation to Spanish and the other way round.

    Thank you for asking.

    Hope I answered your question

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