Esther Stocker. Architectural ART

Photograph credit to: Lorenz Seidler
For all of you interested in both art and space creation, I think this one might be a good one. I recently discovered a pretty young artist (always encouraging) born in 1974 in South Tyrol. Her work is now spread in all media imaginable, however what I think is most useful to us in Space Creation is the expansion from canvas into space, transforming real space.
Photograph credit to: Alex Terzich
Some say her work is inspired by the Cosntructivist avant-gardes of the early XX century, other, by the POP culture and it’s grid and abstract post war art. It might be both, it might be none. But the resulting works of art are fascinating. Having the GRID as her base, SEGMENTS as the elements she plays with and Black, Grey & White as her main colors, the creates RYTHM and CAOS through a distorted repetition series.
By entering one of her installation, the artist plays with the visitor creating a feeling of alienation and disorientation using the most rigid and rigorous element there is, a grid. Who doesn’t like the easiness that comes with it? That is exactly what she plays with.
We live in a fixed rule, with gridded cities (NYC o L.A. are clear examples of the modern life grids) and organized corporation that guide are everyday life, the way we think and act. What happens

when we distort the grid, when we only see it partially or when we play with it.

This is what this artist, Esther Stocker, shows us. Let’s stay alert for her next installation. It would be worth visiting, most definitely. 
Photograph credit to: Régine Debatty

Photograph credit to: Régine Debatty

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