Sky Pavilion

Photograph from ArchTriumph Facebook Page
Would you like to install a pavilion in Museum Garden, LONDON? What architect wouldn’t….!?
Not impossible, you just have to win the Triumph Pavilion 2015 competition that just opened. Diificult? Maybe. Challenging? Very. But they give you clues
The jury is going to be VERY INTERST in the 5th FAÇADE. The design’s interation with moon, stars, rain,  sun or clouds. With the perception from the top of a tree or from an airplane flying over.
Sounds fun, huh? Who would ever design a space for the contemplation of our biggest roof, the sky. All of it, of course, as sustainable as possible. And remember, this is NOT an idea competition, this WILL be built if selected!!!!
Ready, steasy, GO!
(The link is the Facebook page, since I’ve had trouble trying to enter the official Website)


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