Seon-Ghi Bahk

There is something metaphysical in this artist’s work. It as real as it is illusive and we love this feeling. 
Made out of CHARCOAL, a Korean traditional material symbolizing PURIFICATION. This material is now also used to purify water, air, odors or electromagnetic waves. So it does purify. However, what interests me most (and I think will interest those worried about space configuration) is the restructured fragil architectural structures that he builds.
Is is strikingly modern as well as fascinatingly traditional. A quality he absorbed from the city of MILÁN, full of tradition contrasted by the most modern city in Italy. It is a work of art you could stare at for hours and new things would be found, just like in a traditional-modern city happens.
However, as sweet as this might sound, he, BAHK, consideres himself poorly and confesses he only chooses the materials he works with, not for it’s transcendent qualities, but because they give him the feeling of a certain level of reality, and that he tries to express the essence of the materials through his works. 
No matter how complex the artist’s theory might be, he HAS created a tension from the fragility of the architecture structure he suspends.

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