Impossible Architectures

It’s funny how life keep surprising me. 3 years ago I ran across some pictures in the photography database, FFFFOUND.COM. I loved them, but I couldn’t find the specific source, so I kind of forgot about it. However, last week, UnCube magazine wrote and article about the artist behind these photographs. And you know what? It turns out he is a frustrated architect!
With an interior architect as father an devotion for built structure he wanted to become an architect, but dropped the idea when told his maths skills weren’t good enough. So he studied history of art focusing in architecture and further continued his studies in photography. Personally, I think he chose the right path.
Studying the fine line that separates plausible from unreal, Filip Dujardin proposes architectural composition that care, only, about form. Using a 3d modeling engine as Sketch Up and digital collage technique by using images of real buildings he has around (he lives in Ghent), he achieves a metaphorical language. Images that take us to ask ourselves wether this could be real or not. Or even just plausible! The magic of today’s ability of photographing the unreal. 
Building used are usually from the 60’s and 70’s Belgium designs, so it has kind of a revolutionary atmosphere, kind of Soviet or Industrial sometimes.

Real works of art.

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