Tracing Skylines

I believe best pieces of work are those that go beyond their confort zone. And they sure did. These 3 freestyle skiers saw the opportunities that an abandoned city as Detroit have despite of the dangers it hides. The beauty of ruined buildings kind of magical and timeless, and the snow that has frozen this city to a sleeping state.

Despite what the flow of the video might be, the photography of this video is sublime, showing the rest of the world what a magical atmosphere Detroit can have due to it’s unfortunate current situation.

Will we be able to bring back the Motor city back? No idea, but this city is becoming a stage for all those adventurers looking for difference and the resulting work is creating city awareness.

Poor Boyz Productions takes street skiing to Detroit, Jib City. 

Featuring the skiing of Karl Fostvedt, Khai Krepela, and Max Morello. 

Filmed by Cody Carter, Jonny Durst, and Japser Newton. 

Edited by Cody Carter and Jonny Durst.


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