067 · Didomestic

067 · Didomestic

Cada casa es un teatro
Reforma de ático, Madrid.
Project for the complete refurbishment of an attic in downtown Madrid
Would you imagine yourself living here? It is not a crazy idea someone had for a video, this is in fact a inhabited house! And, despite the fact that I find it fascinating, it reminds me of that fake piece of architecture news that said Sou Fujimoto had designed a 3m2 house.
Organized with a central core and two side strips hiding those have-to-be elements of a house (kitchen, bathroom, …) allows the rest of the space to be free of obstacles and providing maximum flexibility.
Also there is hidden stuff everywhere as shown in the video. Funny stuff. I can’t picture myself eating in a suspended table, I love seating in weird posses and moving around a lot. Wonder where to food would end up. These fancy little polls that bring up and down secret appliances makes me think of a 1:1 scale doll house, where the ironing board, eating table and beds used to fold and dissapear.
It is and interesting living proposal, maybe we need a little bit more of experimentation in these types of designs. But it sure is a appealing project. 


Architects: elii – Uriel Fogué + Eva Gil + Carlos Palacios. http://www.elii.es
Team: María Sole Ferragamo, Miguel Galán, Pablo Martín de la Cruz
Client: Dido Fogué
Contractor: Dionisio Torralba Construcciones
Photography: elii (model) Miguel de Guzmán (building) (www.imagensubliminal.com)
Models: elii – Inmaculada Mariscal, Leonor Acero

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