It’s the economy, stupid


So two apparently unrelated things happened to me yesterday. The first one, may seem rather irrelevant, was the post on Facebook about the death of the Hipsters. An article by the GQ Spanish Magazine. The second, a lecture by the cofounder of dpr-barcelona, Ethel Baraona in IaaC, Barcelona.
Let’s say the first was accidental, the second intentional. Superficial – groundbreaking. Time consuming – time investment. I think you get it already. However, Ethel lectures triggered something in me that has reassured me that the article was wrong (not that the article is very serious though…)
Let’s introduce the facts: 1st: hipster will cease to exist. And 2nd, we can change the world by taking brave decisions and worldwide co.working rather than creating competitive atmospheres; and also by taking care of the social impact of the that we consume (a really interesting lecture we will talk more about in the future days).
So, how why do I think the article is wrong?
To me Hipster are those Portlanders who are really true to their values and not just their look. They care about the sustainability of EVERYTHING they use, eat or buy. They ride bikes, recycled bikes, to prevent pollution. They are vegan to safe animals. They buy housemade cosmetics to avoid animal experimentation. And they also avoid “made in China” to ensure the protection of Human Rights.
From what I have learned today, the way we can make our world a better place for EVERYONE (not just us) is by taking care of these details. Using non-polluting energies or materials. Caring for other people’s life. Being a person that truly cares. And to me, those Portland-like hipster around the world are contributing to the growth of this caring quarter of our economy. That which will provide for us.
What is ironical is that all these product are, still, way pricier than regular contaminated-by-despicable-capitalistic-companies products. And, for now, caring is only affordable for those who have enough. Hopefully, the change is close for the many and not the few.

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  1. Moronic. Hipsters are poseurs and make those consumer choices to be cool, not because of ethics. Die hipsters.

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