New Opportunity Spaces Lecture

Have we ever thought about what would happen if architects learned form life and not from a bunch of different classes in architecture school? Would the containers be more aware of it’s surrounding rather than of the architectural society that every modern city has? There is beautiful designs in fancy design magazines. However, which of these have really changed after the crisis. Even, have architecture schools changed?

It’s easy to set a common program for students to discuss and solve. But, unfortunately, economy has changed our world in major ways. We now have collaborative open source projects, we have bit coins, and, furthermore, we have abandoned architectural containers that are not yet being used by society, architects. 
And rather than just changing things from scratch, why don’t we just reprogram what we already have. Create new opportunities in and out of our homes. Do streets have to be government property, or does it have to feel so? Are our homes only ours? Are schools only for kids? Are universities only for students and professors? What is whose?
This is are some of the questions that Xavier Monteys raised with his lecture of “New opportunity spaces” in ETSAB-UPC in Barcelona a while back. Quoting Le Corbusier or Aldo van Eyck as the promoters of the inbetween space. But thankfully there are already some projects trying to enhance this new programming ideas. 

A initiative that describes itself as an opportunity and interest of bringing the music closer to everyone. Possible thanks to friends and neighbors that provide their balconies that will become the scenarios, becoming new experiences for both artists and spectators.
However, we think it is a way to invert roles and stop looking from our comfortable homes but into the stranger’s homes. Opening our homes for everyone and enhancing the idea of the public space inside private containers. Similar to the interior streets Le Corbusier planned in the Unité d’Habitation in Marseille.
Javier Pérez Andújar: “Paseos con mi madre”
This Spanish writer from Sant Adria grown in an active community neighborhood, has just published this amazing book that gathers the conversations with his mother. Beautifully in this book he realizes the power streets have nowadays. How, due to the crisis we have suffered, the city has been the place where we have defended our private homes. A reminder that younger generations that had forgotten.

Despite these of many examples, the comfortable way of acting is still dominant.Will we be courageous enough to change things?


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