HER & our Relationship with Technologies

I must recognize, I don’t know much about movies, I always fall asleep. Well, not always, but most of the times. I fall asleep mostly in my couch, but also in the cinema. However, some movies just capture me. These are usually movies that do not center so much in action and movement, but in dialogues and photography.
Last movie I saw: HER by Spike Jonze. I loved the colors, the outfits, the dialogues and, mostly, the plot. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s about the relationship a person and a machine can develop. A really fancy machine, a new operating system  capable of being intuitive and HUMAN.

That made me think about an article I read about a couple months ago about the Hikikomori, reclusive adolescents who withdraw from social life seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. They mostly spend their time playing video games and sleeping. It is a really dramatic situation in Japan due to the pressure Japanese culture imposes among their young kids.
These phenomenons may just be extreme beginnings of what new technologies are akin possible. If we can provide ourselves with enough social interaction through technologies, won’t some people just escape from real human emotional world to find a more comfortable environment in a programmed personality??
We are almost there. We express our interest through Instagram or Pinterest, and tell others about our personal experiences through Twitter or Facebook. Are we on our way to maximum individualization? Are we meeting up with our REAL friend enough? Or are we little by little alienating from others? I mean, I myself am having along distance relationship only possible thanks to today’s technologies.
I strongly encourage you to see this movie. It exposes the argument with all it’s complexity. The acceptance of some and the rejection of others. The argument both these two groups of people use and, furthermore, Theodor’s (the main character) has with Samantha (her new OS), with Scarlett Johansson’s voice.


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