Nit de Museus 2014 + Lidia Masllorens

Once again, we have arrived at the magical moment for museums and art institutions when they open their doors for free ’till late at night and invite everyone in. It is magical because museums become crowded space where experts and ignorant come together with no difference.
Unfortunately for those Barça lovers it was a sad night, but a friend a I decided that football wouldn’t ruin our great evening ahead of us. Once the match was over and we managed to exit the stadium (not easy at all…) we headed towards the under construction area of Barcelona, Les Glories.
DHUB, Can Framis and the Music Museum were open for everyone, unfortunately DHUB was hosting a festival and you couldn’t visit it before 9.30pm despite what their schedule said. But this is not a diary of our adventures, it has never been and it will star this way.
There was this one artist who inspired me to write today, a modest and unknown artist whose works of art were pure emotion and not so much fancy or modern compositions. She is LIDIA MASLLORENS. An artist born in Caldes de Malavella, near Barcelona, who combines their art with a teaching position in a local High School of Llagostera, where she lives now. Don’t get me wrong, works of arts by Agustí Puig, Plensa and many more also were appealing and interesting. However, she caught my attention at the very last moment of the exhibit.

She draws faces, emotional and full of expression, and she does it with her bare hands. No instruments that keep her from capturing the pure essence of the emotions she feels. Faces that takes us to think of the emotion rather than the particular features of that face, and therefore we communicate and identify ourselves with some of her work. She uses acrylic on canvas or paper. I personally prefer paper, both for the expression of acrylic on this medium and also for the fragility of it, which contrasts with the brutally well expressed emotion. Such is the emotion shared that she herself has sent us pictures of those three images inspired in faces of orgasms that people upload to the internet (image below).


When contemplating one of her works of art you might think this a one moment impulse that has taken her 5 minutes to figure out. Wrong. As a drawing teacher she must have developed an interest for technique and precision that makes her practice and study the piece many many many times before finishing a work of art. Delighting us with JUST the tip of the iceberg.


This big format artist won the 2013 drawing award by the Vila Casa Foundation among two other who, OMHO, are compositional rather than emotional.

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