3D Printers · Two sides of the same coin

By the end of March 2014 a lecture by Ethel Baraona left be thinking about the possibilities of 3D Printers and Creative Commons project could do to: furniture, games and even HOUSES!

(more about it in: http://bit.ly/theeconomystupid)

We must add up the amazing fundraising project that NewMatter and Frog have organized and that it’s kicking it super hard! (http://bit.ly/1kzpfj3)

This project just makes it look like we are going to be able to give our kids their missing Lego pieces, or we can build our own kitchen from scratch!

However there is another side of this coin. As there is to everything.

Who is the most interested in it? Are we going to start seeing 3D Printed guns? It was again Ethel Baraona, co-founder of dpr-barcelona, who triggered this question in me. How did she do it? With the always controversial M.I.A.

What would you use a 3D printer for?



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