Weaponized Architecture · Reading List

Finally, next to read will be the new dpr-barcelona publication, Weaponized Architecture. Ethel gave it to me as a gift and I couldn’t help reading the first 3 episodes. Unfortunately my Final Project is preventing me from reading.

However, for what I have read, this book follows this small editorial’s aim, the search for new technologies that can improve our environment. And they achieve this by implementing Augmented Reality in the book. This new reality we are now allowed to bring into books must go through the same process as any other technology. We now want to use it for everything and this will lead us to many failures until we find it’s righteous use. But I must admit that it has really interesting additions to a paper book that are worth trying.

Léopold Lambert, the author, is a French architect who has been sucecessively a Parisian, Hong Konger, a Mumbaikar and a New Yorker. In addition of his enthusiasm for design, he is a writer/editor of The Funambulist and the author of Weaponized Architecture: The Impossibility of Innocence (dpr-barcelona 2012) that examines the inherent characteristics of architecture that systematically makes it a a political weapon in general, and also more specifically in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. He is currently publishing the twelve first volumes of The Funambulist Pamphlets and the first volume of The Funambulist Papers with Puctum Books though the CTM Documents Initiative. He is also the coordinator/editor of Archipielago, the podcast platform of The Funambulist that releases conversations with thinkers and creators of the world on a weekly basis.

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Extracted from thefunambulist.net

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