Transcendence (2014)

For those who like sci-fi movies, this one is a must. It will not become a classic, but it makes you think for a while and it is amazing the amount of first row actors and actresses that appear in this movie in just the 5 first minutes.

Johnny Depp is Will Caster, one of the most important researchers of Artificial Intelligence, he is developing a artificial consciousness that combines both the online information of all times and the human ability to feel. When a group of anti-technology activists shoots him with the goal of terminating his investigation, it backfires. While dying he decides to upload his consciousness to the machines and experiment with himself.

Desperate measures for desperate times I guess we would say.

However, the fascinations comes from the power that nanotechnology proves to have in this movie, reminding me of many Google ongoing projects as said in the Washington Post.

Are nanobots going to change our world? If so, why are we still caring about drones. And moreover, will we be able of creating our own GOD?


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