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Weaponized Architecture. Book Review

This book has a special meaning for me, it is the first book I have finished reading since I became and architects. I must confess that it has been a while since the last new book I finished. I sometimes enjoy reading again some old books, but this one is the first one on the list! Also, Ethel Baraona (dpr-barcelona), co-founder of the editorial that was publishing it, gave it to me when we met a couple months ago, and it still wasn’t available. However, the book can now be purchased in specialized libraries and on Amazon:

This being said, this book has been written by Léopold Lambert, a writer, editor, project manager and architect, the busiest man on earth! He founded his blog, The Funambulist, which is complemented with Archipielago, his online podcast platform. With these platforms he studies and points out to the world the weaponization of architecture in today’s world, specially in conflict places such as the alarming situation in Gaza. (more…)

Walter Benjamin. The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Walter Benjamin (1892 – 1940)

Born in Berlin, the German Empire, W. Benjamin was a literary critic, philosopher, social critic, translator, radio broadcaster and essayist. However my relation with his work began the moment I experienced a glimpse of what he might have felt the day he finally escaped from persecution in Portbou, Spain. This relation led me to dig into his works and discover his translation of “In search of lost time” by Marcel Proust, and also discovered his currently actual aesthetics theory with “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”.

A book that starts quoting a fragment from “Pieces sur l’Art” by Paul Valery in 1931 that could very well have been written a few days ago, which always fascinates me.

The book is mainly a discussion about the difference between art that invites the viewer to contemplate, think and stop for a second; and the mechanical reproduction techniques such as photography, lithography or cinema, that erase the worship in art disconnecting the artist from the work of art, in most of the essay, cinema.

However, topics such as painting’s decay with the proliferation of art galleries in contrast to the everlasting importance of Architecture as an art, which combines both the worship and the experience simultaneously.

A short book full of knowledge and that encourages us to rethink art up to today.

If interested you can buy the English edition HERE and the Spanish edition HERE.



Weaponized Architecture · Reading List

Finally, next to read will be the new dpr-barcelona publication, Weaponized Architecture. Ethel gave it to me as a gift and I couldn’t help reading the first 3 episodes. Unfortunately my Final Project is preventing me from reading.

However, for what I have read, this book follows this small editorial’s aim, the search for new technologies that can improve our environment. And they achieve this by implementing Augmented Reality in the book. This new reality we are now allowed to bring into books must go through the same process as any other technology. We now want to use it for everything and this will lead us to many failures until we find it’s righteous use. But I must admit that it has really interesting additions to a paper book that are worth trying.


WRITING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE. Mastering the language of Buildings and Cities.

Este es el título de la obra de Alexandra Lange, una periodista especializada en arquitectura, urbanismo y diseño. Es a la vez profesora en la New York University de crítica de la arquitectura y de allí es de donde ha sacado las bases para escribir este libro. Los capítulos empiezan con ensayos escritos por críticos de la arquitectura de renombre, como el mismísimo Frank Lloyd Wright, para que luego ella desarrolle un discurso a partir de este texto. Se publicó en el 2011 gracias a Princeton Architectural Press.
Sin duda este libro va a ser la próxima entrada en mi interminable lista de libros pendientes de ser leídos.
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This is the title of the book written by Alexandra Lange, a journalist specialized in architecture, urbanism and design. She is, at the same time, professor at New York University of architecture critic and that’s from where she took the bases to write this book. The chapters start with essays written by well-known architecture critic, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, so that afterwards the developed a whole dissertation with that text as starting point. It was published in 2011 thanks to Princeton Architectural Press.

I’m certain that this book will be the next on the line when it comes to book that must be read.

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