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The studio was set up in Barcelona (Spain) in 2013 by Alba Vallvè and Pineda Vallvè. What characterizes VVA is it’s freshness of the youth combines with the professional experience of its founders that combine, extraordinarily well, the respect for a place’s culture and history with ravishingly modern forms that create contrast in their work. (more…)

I am always talking about what other people do or should do, but have I ever shared something of my own with you? 
The answer is NO. Let’s solve it.
With one of my craziest friends in school we decided to, for the first time, take something as seriously as we could, it wasn’t easy, not at all. Finally we finished our first reasonable project for a contest (we have had fun with 3 previous student contests before). 
TRC 2013. Julia Leirado and Inés Llopart

All there is left for us now is wait until the February 27th