Infinite possibilities in 70sqm

CASA MJE / Pequeñas Grandes Casas from PKMN [pac-man] on Vimeo.

PKMN architectures has been able to create abhosugin that adapts to a family lifestyle. From just an elder couple to the entire family. How?

With mobile walls that host become the producers of these infinite arrangement of spaces.

Will be talking more about the possibilities of this solution in dense cities such as Manhattan, London or Mumbai.

Lunar base by Foster + Partners

There is something we are always talking about in this blog and that is the new relationships human being are developing with the new technologies we are now developing, being 3D printing the most revolutionary in both every day aspects of life and architecture design. We have talked about the possibilities of cooperations and sustainability these tools could provide us. However, we never imagines that, due to these discoveries, we would be able to establish a colony in the MOON.

Well, as it turns our and you can see later in the video, Foster and Partners, the most powerful architecture studio, started working, on 2012, on the possibility of building a new city in the moon. The way the explain it in their video it looks pretty easy and even sustainable. Sending a scaffolding dome that will provide structure for an igloo wise structure that will use the local materials available. Also this structure would provide a protection for gamma radiation, meteorites and also would provide a temperature balance that would allow for 4 astronaut  to work and explore in the interior of this alien construction.

I haven’t made my mind wether I love it or I hate it, but I think feeling will be quite radical towards it. The rest, Foster + Partner’s press release:


“In 2012, the practice joined a consortium set up by the European Space Agency to explore the possibilities of 3D printing to construct lunar habitations. Addressing the challenges of transporting materials to the moon, the study has been investigating the use of lunar soil, known as regolith, as building matter. The base is designed to house four astronauts, and provides protection from meteorites, gamma radiation and high temperature fluctuations. The proposed location for the base is the rim of Shackleton Crater at the lunar South Pole, where there is a near- constant ‘peak of eternal light’, and therefore plentiful solar power.”


3D Printers · Two sides of the same coin

By the end of March 2014 a lecture by Ethel Baraona left be thinking about the possibilities of 3D Printers and Creative Commons project could do to: furniture, games and even HOUSES!

(more about it in:

We must add up the amazing fundraising project that NewMatter and Frog have organized and that it’s kicking it super hard! (


Affairs in Blue

Despite what it may seem, this beautiful space is a diplomatic institution committed to foster the Mediterranean Villages’ common identity. And it certainly does, to me this space looks more like a flamenco dancing space, which I guess it can be. The program includes new spaces for exhibitions, concerts, shows or parties.
The building was the old Benalua railway station, now empty. And the requirement brief was clear in two conditions: be respectful with the historic building, and low budget (of course). A process of highlighting the building’s special values and dismissing the “fat surplus” started. Also providing “new properties to the interior spaces”.
The main space is a 1500 sqm long open space: EXPERIENCE HALL. With a blue light coming from the ceiling that offer a very Mediterranean atmosphere to this unique space. 
The rest of the program is located in smaller pavilions painted in white. White and blue, the color of maritime cities. 


It’s the economy, stupid review

When I was at Senior High School I learned philosophy started in the most peaceful and wealthiest period of the Ancient times. Then, triggered by a lack of worries, who we today call pre-socratic philosophers, started question where it is we come from. They thought water? dust? atoms?
However, today we are in a needed position. Many families have lost their houses, there is high unemployment rated all over the world and we are still in war trying to disarm potential threats. Young people lack the opportunities are parent had, we are forced to move all around the world having to fight through thick and thin to create our own unique paths. And, despite the contrast between the first and the current situation, we are now able to think not where we come from, but WHERE WE GO TO.
Last Thursday, 6th February 2014, Ethel Baraona, cofounder of dpr-barcelona, gave and english spoken lecture in one of the most international educational institutions in Barcelona: IaaC (Institute for Advance Architecture of Catalonia). 
A motivational lecture that made us think for an hour what is that caused this global economic crisis to know how to change it. In fact it is not as hard as it seems, we just need to think we live in a happy world and everyone will sacrifice personal $ ambition for the wellbeing of the planet. But unfortunately, no matter how hard some of us (I am very honestly including myself) try, there is always other willing to step on others like if they were mere objects. And this is, my dearest friends, CAPITALISM. 
Pretty pessimistic for now, right? Well, it wasn’t. It turns out there are many many many project that are trying to make this changes happen. Shifting from COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENTS to CO·WORKING NETWORKS. Some examples:
1- The Free Universal Construction Kit
The Free Universal Construction Kit from Adapterz on Vimeo.

A project that allows interoperability between 10 popular construction toys with 80 adapter bricks, opening the otherwise closed systems. You can download the files and print them with you 3d printer. If someone doesn’t fit you can design your own one and upload it.

2- Open Structures (OS)

Photographs from
A modular construction model based on a 4x4cm grid available for everybody.
3- Wiki House

WikiHouse from 00 on Vimeo.

Print whatever house you want (designed by a “open” designer), draw it in SketchUp and click to MAKE A HOUSE button of program’s pluggin and PRINT in a CNC machine.

4- Lamassu. Bitcoin Ventures

Image from

The future’s easiest way to get money without the corrupt banks taking away your money with every transaction. Takes over notes from 200 different countries.

5- Statigraphic Manufactury

A exploration of materials reaction to 3d printers to enable research with the same downloadable file of the use of different local materials from all over the world.

We could keep on going forever, these are just some examples. There are other we use EVERYDAY like Wikipedia that also collaborative projects and we don’t even realize.

But at the end what matter is our personal contribution to this global project. Buying in local stores, being responsible with what we use, and take care, not only of the final result of what we do, but of the process we go through to get there.

Are we going to be able to change the world?


067 · Didomestic

067 · Didomestic

Cada casa es un teatro
Reforma de ático, Madrid.
Project for the complete refurbishment of an attic in downtown Madrid
Would you imagine yourself living here? It is not a crazy idea someone had for a video, this is in fact a inhabited house! And, despite the fact that I find it fascinating, it reminds me of that fake piece of architecture news that said Sou Fujimoto had designed a 3m2 house.
Organized with a central core and two side strips hiding those have-to-be elements of a house (kitchen, bathroom, …) allows the rest of the space to be free of obstacles and providing maximum flexibility.
Also there is hidden stuff everywhere as shown in the video. Funny stuff. I can’t picture myself eating in a suspended table, I love seating in weird posses and moving around a lot. Wonder where to food would end up. These fancy little polls that bring up and down secret appliances makes me think of a 1:1 scale doll house, where the ironing board, eating table and beds used to fold and dissapear.
It is and interesting living proposal, maybe we need a little bit more of experimentation in these types of designs. But it sure is a appealing project. 


Architects: elii – Uriel Fogué + Eva Gil + Carlos Palacios.
Team: María Sole Ferragamo, Miguel Galán, Pablo Martín de la Cruz
Client: Dido Fogué
Contractor: Dionisio Torralba Construcciones
Photography: elii (model) Miguel de Guzmán (building) (
Models: elii – Inmaculada Mariscal, Leonor Acero

Tracing Skylines

I believe best pieces of work are those that go beyond their confort zone. And they sure did. These 3 freestyle skiers saw the opportunities that an abandoned city as Detroit have despite of the dangers it hides. The beauty of ruined buildings kind of magical and timeless, and the snow that has frozen this city to a sleeping state.

Despite what the flow of the video might be, the photography of this video is sublime, showing the rest of the world what a magical atmosphere Detroit can have due to it’s unfortunate current situation.

Will we be able to bring back the Motor city back? No idea, but this city is becoming a stage for all those adventurers looking for difference and the resulting work is creating city awareness.

Poor Boyz Productions takes street skiing to Detroit, Jib City. 

Featuring the skiing of Karl Fostvedt, Khai Krepela, and Max Morello. 

Filmed by Cody Carter, Jonny Durst, and Japser Newton. 

Edited by Cody Carter and Jonny Durst.


Magic New York

So there he is, drawing building just as a relaxing hobby. And here, I am trying not to draw buildings anymore!
But seriously, he has some pretty dope stuff in his personal website, some really worth looking at, despite the fact I haven’t been able to find the drawing this video talks about.
And even better, you can BUY his stuff if you want to!

Liked it? I loved it.

Looking for inspiration for my own project, I run across with the new Center of Contemporary Art in Cordoba, Spain. Since then, I have become obsessed with it. The apparent simplicity of its exterior formal definition, a box, and the contrast of the interior dynamism gives the project its own identity, a quality I look for in my projects. 

This complexity is borrowed from the islamic culture that used to live in the Southern Spain, having as exceptional example La Alhambra and, moreover, Cordoba’s mosque. They sacrifice personal style over the context’s identity and, its materiality, concrete, and the outer regular form expresses nothing, and by this speechless condition, the polygonal shapes become even more important. 
Not only exist these polygons in a 3d shape in the roof, but also casted in the river-facing facade, allowing the light to come out at night and creating an elegant and attractive view of the building that allows us to perceive this islamic gesture from as strangers to the building.

However, the most compelling and complex part of this design is, in my opinion, the interior articulation of these different sized clusters that can, either stand by their own and be a single programatic piece, or combine and create a unique larger space, each of these different to one another. Main program has already been organized under some of these geometries such as the auditorium, the foyer, the exhibition space, the courtyard and the cafe. Still, despite this distribution, the building is understood as an isotropic element in which spaces can be connected to create a single exhibition area.  

For this design Nieto and Sobejano have been assisted by the artists Leopoldo Ferrán and Augustina Otero.  

pictures from Casabella