Weaponized Architecture. Book Review

This book has a special meaning for me, it is the first book I have finished reading since I became and architects. I must confess that it has been a while since the last new book I finished. I sometimes enjoy reading again some old books, but this one is the first one on the list! Also, Ethel Baraona (dpr-barcelona), co-founder of the editorial that was publishing it, gave it to me when we met a couple months ago, and it still wasn’t available. However, the book can now be purchased in specialized libraries and on Amazon:

This being said, this book has been written by Léopold Lambert, a writer, editor, project manager and architect, the busiest man on earth! He founded his blog, The Funambulist, which is complemented with Archipielago, his online podcast platform. With these platforms he studies and points out to the world the weaponization of architecture in today’s world, specially in conflict places such as the alarming situation in Gaza. (more…)