Infinite possibilities in 70sqm

CASA MJE / Pequeñas Grandes Casas from PKMN [pac-man] on Vimeo.

PKMN architectures has been able to create abhosugin that adapts to a family lifestyle. From just an elder couple to the entire family. How?

With mobile walls that host become the producers of these infinite arrangement of spaces.

Will be talking more about the possibilities of this solution in dense cities such as Manhattan, London or Mumbai.

Housing…What next?

Every single architecture student knows what lectures are taking place in, at least, 3 architecture schools: AA of London, HU-GSD in Cambridge and, hopefully, their own school. Since I recently moved to Boston for my Master of International Marketing, I decided to pick up on my architecture background and attend as many architecture lectures as possible. My first lecture of this year, yesterday: “Housing…What next?” at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

The lecture was organized as an opening for the current exhibition in the Harvard School of Design Hall, “Living Anatomy” is hosting. Four architects, with different approaches, talked about what housing was and is, and try to call out that architects should put more effort in its theoretical and formal development. (more…)