Affairs in Blue

Despite what it may seem, this beautiful space is a diplomatic institution committed to foster the Mediterranean Villages’ common identity. And it certainly does, to me this space looks more like a flamenco dancing space, which I guess it can be. The program includes new spaces for exhibitions, concerts, shows or parties.
The building was the old Benalua railway station, now empty. And the requirement brief was clear in two conditions: be respectful with the historic building, and low budget (of course). A process of highlighting the building’s special values and dismissing the “fat surplus” started. Also providing “new properties to the interior spaces”.
The main space is a 1500 sqm long open space: EXPERIENCE HALL. With a blue light coming from the ceiling that offer a very Mediterranean atmosphere to this unique space. 
The rest of the program is located in smaller pavilions painted in white. White and blue, the color of maritime cities.